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What is Pre-Foreclosure?

Pre-foreclosure status begins when your lender files a default notice on your property (usually after missing their fourth payment) which informs the property owner that the lender will pursue legal action toward foreclosure if the debt isn’t paid. Depending on the negotiations between the lender and homeowner, this process takes between six months to a year after which the lender takes procession of the property. In order to maintain possession of the property, the mortgage payments may have to be made current and monthly payments will have to be made on the property going forward.

How Do I Sell My House In Pre-foreclosure?

Losing a home due to not being able to keep with payments is a problem that many homeowners unfortunately come across. Foreclosure can be a traumatizing event to go through, and nobody likes fighting with banks over the possession of their property. The good news is, there are several options to choose from in order to avoid losing your home to foreclosure. Even if you do believe that selling your home will be the best option, it can be beneficial to go over all of your options before deciding. We buy pre-foreclosed homes in Atwater and if you’d like a fast way to sell your property, we are here to offer that service.

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“Working with Matt was a really easy, stress free process. He was very personable and took time to explain the process. This was important to me since I was very new to selling property. I recommend using him to anyone thinking of selling their property.” 21 Day Escrow

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Sylvia and Juan – Fresno CA
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“It was Quick…. and got some money upfront for the move”

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“The Process Was Very Quick and Relieving …”

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