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How to Know if it is Time to Sell Your House in Fresno

While most homeowners expect to sell their homes at some point, sudden life changes like a job relocation or a family member who needs our care can force the decision. But, without that pressure, it can be a difficult decision. So often, homeowners remain in place long after the home best serves their needs because of an emotional attachment to the property. 

There are many factors sellers should consider that will help make the decision easier. For example, is the current market favoring sellers? If you’re conflicted about selling, read on as we explore the signs letting you know if it is time to sell your house in Fresno.

Hot Market

In a seller’s market, listing prices to the final sales prices and homes consistently sell above asking, which is one of the signs of a hot market. You’ll also note listings are staying on the market for fewer days, and there are few homes for sale, with many selling quickly by word of mouth before ever making it to the MLS. If you’re on the fence and the market is hot, this is a sign that it is time to sell your house in Fresno. Professional buyers like those at Matt Buys Houses are highly educated local investors who know the ins and outs of the Fresno real estate market and can help you determine if it’s time to strike while the iron is hot.

No Room to Grow

Many families are now homeschooling or need quiet, professional space to work remotely and find that they need more room. Additionally, there is a growing focus on outdoor spaces for cooking, entertainment and family activities. When your needs from your home have changed, and there is no room for expanding your house or making the improvements you need on the property, this is another sign showing you that it is time to sell your house in Fresno.

Professional buyers like those at Matt Buys Houses will provide you with a guaranteed closing date. At Matt Buys Houses, we can help alleviate the pressure of being crammed together in as little as a week. If that’s a bit fast for you, talk to your professional buyers from Matt Buys Houses about making arrangements to move on the date that best suits you.


Perhaps there is room for you to expand, making the necessary improvements to serve your needs and increase the home’s value to its highest potential; however, no man is an island. You must consider the surrounding properties and the principle of conformity because you’ll never realize that value if your home is too out of sync with your neighbors. If you should find yourself in this situation, it is time to sell your house in Fresno. Professional buyers like those at Matt Buys Houses can help you run the numbers to determine the current market value of your home, with or without the remodel, comparing it with others to help you make the right choice. Then we’ll compare this to our offer, which you’ll agree is fair. 


Are you dusting room after unused room? It can become overwhelming as the years pass to care for a large property, both physically and financially. In addition, you’re paying the costs per square foot for heating and cooling and the never-ending property taxes. Another problem that can creep up with older homes is the need for more frequent repairs of older systems and continual maintenance to protect structural soundness. If your home has become a burden, it is time to sell your house in Fresno. Professional buyers like those at Matt Buys Houses will buy your home as-is for cash, saving you all of the expenses of prepping and repairs for the listing and marketing process. We also save you even more because the professional buyers at Matt Buys Houses never charge commissions, no hidden fees or surprises await you at the closing, and you won’t even pay closing costs.

Neighborhood Changes

Neighbors and neighborhoods change; perhaps your quiet family property is now sitting on the edge of a new industrial park. Or the house next door has become a rental property with tenants who are out of control and can make it difficult for agents to show the property. Should you face such a nightmare with no solution, it is time to sell your house in Fresno. The seasoned professional buyers like those at Matt Buys Houses will take on your trouble so you can rest easy. The professional buyers at Matt Buys Houses work in an atmosphere of total transparency; our goal is to ensure you feel good about the deal long after you leave the closing table.

Still undecided if it is time to sell your house in Fresno? Let the professional buyers at Matt Buys Houses help you review all the crucial factors to help you make an educated decision about selling. Call Matt Buys Houses at 559-978-2241.

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