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4 Best Things to Do in Fowler, California

4 Best Things to Do in Fowler, California

Fowler is a small full-service city in Fresno County, California. With expansive farmland, lush grape and vineyards, Fowler is part of the San Joaquin Valley. It is known for its unique small-town charm, well-kept neighborhoods and charming downtown. If you are traveling through the historic San Joaquin Valley, we recommend spending a night in Fowler. It offers a homely atmosphere with beautiful parks, open spaces and serenity. There isn’t much to see in Fowler, but the good news is Fowler is close to Sequoia, Yosemite and Kings Canyon National parks. So you can stop for a few hours or spend a night here and enjoy a meal or a glass of some locally made wine. For a fulfilling experience, read on to find out the four best things to do in Fowler.

  1. Visit the Simonian Farms

If you are a fruit lover, the Simonian farms make a satisfying stopover. You can buy the most delicious fruit dry and fresh fruit or wine here. The farm is one of Fowler’s local tourist destinations due to its expansive fields, airy orchards, vineyards and quality produce. The produce market at the farm sells a variety of local fruits, honey, grains and wine. Visit the local fruit stand, buy yourself the delicious pomegranate wine and enjoy it at the shaded garden area. You might want to travel with some water as it can get scorching during the summer.

Biking can get incredibly fulfilling amidst the fulfilling smells of citrus and fresh air. Start your ride through the excellent Fresco County Blossom Trail at the Simonian Farms and enjoy the fluttering petals. Every year at the end of February, eruptions of pink and white petals bud along this trail. The magical splash of white and pink, along with the flowy winds and citrus scent, last to the end of March. Although the Blossom Trail stretches for over 70 miles, you can opt for its shorter version, Kings River Blossom Trail Bike Ride. This trail starts at Simonian Farms. Ride leisurely along the route and enjoy the beauty of nature. If you plan your trip to Fowler for later in the year, you can still catch the celebration at the Big Fresno Fair in October, where they showcase the Blossom Trail Art.

In Fowler, you can never run out of options on where to purchase your fruit. The Circle K Ranch is a family-owned business since 1946. So grab some fresh fruit from the ranch’s country store and enjoy the taste of Fowler. The ranch is an 800-acre diverse farm of peaches, different table grapes, plums, nectarines and raisins.

Take selfies or professional family photos with a terrific backdrop at the Blossom Trail. You must not miss the opportunity to capture memories as you walk through this ocean of color. Many tourists and professional photographers love to take pictures at different stops along the trail.

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