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Best Things to do in Clovis, California

Best Things to do in Clovis, California

Often denoted as the Gateway to the Sierras, Clovis is situated at the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range base a few steps from Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks. Clovis strikes the perfect balance for those looking to enjoy both the wild and urban. The town boasts over 13 miles of paved pedestrian trails, biking trails, green urban parks with kids playgrounds, and lush green lawns perfect for picnics. For travelers looking for its urban side, Clovis has many destinations such as museums, galleries, theatres, and indoor games like bowling.

In 2013, I visited Clovis on a rather somber theme after losing my aunt to cancer (God rest her soul). Being a travel enthusiast, I opted to stay another two days to raise my spirits. Hours into my tour, I was in utter disbelief just how endowed the tiny town was. I remember enjoying indoor racing as well as Friday’s farmers market, which runs throughout the year. I have a snippet of my movements in Clovis to help guide you through a long list of activities. These are the best five things to do in the town.

  1. Old Town Clovis

Old Town Clovis, an extract of the city’s rich western history, founded in 1891, is a beautiful place for a walk in the California sun. The town has many amenities and entertainment, including cafes, restaurants, bars, antique stores, and souvenir shops. The spot also crosses with various nature trails worth the hike, such as Blossom Trail or perhaps bike to Sierra Wilderness. Old Town Clovis also boasts of attractions like Clovis Big Dry Creek Historical Society Museum and Friday farmers market running all year.

Wild Water Park is the perfect group itinerary in California. Found at the base of Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, the famed park boasts a quarter million visitors every year. Visitors making the trip to Clovis often have an eye on the park’s diverse range of water-related activities, such as water slides and wave pools. The park also has lush green areas perfect for a picnic and playgrounds for the kids.

If you are a stickler for adventure, then you must check out the studio. The Puzzle Effect is a fun way to spend an afternoon in Clovis, especially if you tagged along with a few friends for the trip. The plot of this studio is participants placed in escape rooms with a series of clues to help them break out. That sounds like a fun activity.

Sierra National has 1.3 million acres of mountain forest perfect for camping and hiking for those searching for an escape into the wilderness. The forest boasts a wide variety of flora and fauna and has multiple reservoirs to do some fishing. In addition, the woods in the winter months is a perfect ski area.

The indoor race studio is another prominent destination for those visiting Clovis. The indoor studio is the perfect place to try recreating your favorite racing movie scenes. Both adult and young visitors can race through the vast tracks with race speeds up to 45mph.

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