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Best Things to Do in Sanger, California

Best Things to Do in Sanger, California

Having been a New Yorker for sixteen years, I nearly heckled my wife for suggesting a move to Sanger back in 2014. After our first son, my wife and I felt like we needed to move out of Scarsdale for something homier. She coveted a move to Sanger and wouldn’t budge on the matter despite all my pleas. My acquaintance with the small town in California was quite raw at the time. However, after weeks of haggling, we finally moved to California to start afresh. 

A few days into our stay in the little haven, I was glad I had taken her up on the offer. The aesthetic town 13 miles east-southeast of Fresno County was what we needed at the time. Unfortunately, my in-laws have also succumbed to the tiny town’s allure, and I can’t blame them. Over my stay in the city, I have seen people come to enjoy the town’s attractions. Sanger is undoubtedly not the most prominent of cities in California but will always leave you guessing what else could be up-her-sleeve. If you have plans of visiting California be it work or pleasure, you have to see the unsung town. And while there, you must do these top five things to make the trip worthwhile.

  1. Cedar View Winery

For over two decades, Cedar View Winery has mastered the craft of making rare but diverse wines. Sited in the heart of Central Valley, California, the family-owned wine dynasty is set up on 10 acres of vineyards. Nestled between Kings Canyon and Sequoia National, the winery is a great pit stop for travelers looking to catch a break from scouring the pristine California landscape. You are given a brief history of the estate before dipping in tasty wine.

The pristine park is located along the Kings River just before Trimmer Springs, 31-miles east of Fresno. The 170-acre estate is the perfect itinerary for travelers looking to do some camping, fishing, and hiking. You can also enjoy picnics in many parts of the park. If you desire deafening silence as you read an intriguing book, this park is a great option.

The mystic estate is just the perfect spot for Halloween in Sanger. Take your friends out on a bloodcurdling tour of the grounds on your visit to the town. Hobb’s Grove has many curricula to entertain its visitors, such as the Curiosity Shoppe, Horror Art, Hobbwear Booth, and Blinkie Booth, as you enjoy some of the town’s delicacies at the Midway.

For the history buffs, Sanger Depot Museum is the perfect place to learn and interpret the town’s history. Located 10 miles east of Fresno, the museum sits right at the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range foot. There is a lot of intrigue in the history of a town that evolved into the “Nation’s Christmas Tree City.”

To further complement the artistic features Sanger possesses, the rather colorful gallery is an inaudible beauty slowly picking up traction recently. Travelers have flocked to view the aptly gifted works of Kathleen Mattox. Today, the gallery remains one of my favorite hangouts in Sanger.

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